Did You Think Tennis Ball Tricks For Relieving Pain In Your Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hip, Knees, Feet & More…

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  • Unhealthy lifestyle takes a toll on our body. Sitting for hours, looking at a 15-inch screen while sitting on an uncomfortable office chair, long travels, lack of sleep… it all leads to chronic pain in the neck, back, legs, hips or knees. 
  • If you can`t find the time to take a break and visit a chiropractor or a physiotherapist. We offer you a fast, simple and easy solution for your problem, using only 2 tennis balls! Make these exercises a part of your daily routine and avoid the visit to the doctor`s office.


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  • Hand massage

Sore hands are a result of a heavy use of hands. For this problem, sit down and place one hand on a tennis ball, and apply pressure by using the other hand over it. Drop your weight on the ball and “crush” it. Stay in this position for a minute (or as much as you can). Breathe deeply during the whole time. Then, move the tennis ball left and right and up and down, for 2-3 minutes. When you`re finished, switch the hands.

Some of the exercises can be performed standing, using the wall as a support, instead of the floor. Just put the tennis ball on the tense area (in the shoulders, neck or back) lean against the wall and roll it in circular motions while moving the knees.


  • Foot reflex zone

Stretch and relax the foot relax zone by rolling the foot over a tennis ball on the floor. Put as much pressure as you need. This exercise also helps with plantar fasciitis. Roll the ball of the foot arch, the heel and the inside of the foot, 30-60 seconds. Repeat with the other foot.

  •  Hip pain

The sudden increase of weight, old injuries, sedentary work, wearing uncomfortable shoes for long periods, all of this can cause hip pain. This is a simple exercise that can relieve it- lie on the floor with a tennis ball placed on one side of the hip for support. Find a balance and slowly move the hip 12 times in 1 direction, making circular motions, then 12 more times in the other direction. Repeat the same with the other hip.

  •        Shoulder pain

This is a great, simple way to relieve the tension in the shoulders. Lie down with your back on the floor, knees bent, and the tennis ball placed between the shoulder blade and the spine. Stretch out one arm and slowly move it over your body, head, and floor, like making a circle. Find a comfortable pressure point. A slight, relaxing pain will remove the tension in your shoulders.


  • Leg muscles and knee joint

Pain in the knees and legs can be relieved with this exercise- sit down with one knee bent and a tennis ball placed inside. Press the ball between the calf and thigh for 10 seconds, like you are trying to crush it. Rest for a couple of seconds, then repeat the exercise 8-10 times. When finished, repeat the same with the other knee.


  • Back pain

Most cases of back pain are not very serious, the pain goes away after a while. But if it lasts longer or comes back often, you must do something about it. Bad posture, sedentary lifestyle or standing long hours puts a pressure on the back. In order to relieve it, try the following exercise:

  • With your back on the floor, put the 2 tennis balls under your back, between the ribs and the tailbone (not directly under the spine!)
  • Move your hips on both sides, and you`ll feel the tennis balls rolling down and massaging the back. The balls can roll away during the exercise, so it`s best to put them in a sock. Find a comfortable pressure that won`t be painful. If the floor feels too hard, support your back using a towel, or exercise on a softer surface.

  • Neck pain

The pain in the neck usually comes from tensed muscles. In order to relax them, lie down with your back on the floor, legs stretched out. Put the 2 tennis balls in a bag (or a sock) and place it at the back of the skull so that the head is resting on the balls. With your toes tensed, slightly push the balls upwards. You`ll feel your neck is stretching, accompanied by a gentle, relaxing pain or a slight discomfort (never a sharp pain!). Then, relax the toes, take 10-15 deep breaths and repeat the exercises as many times as you need.




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