Why We Tend to Gain Weight Easier Than 30 Years Ago!!?

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We can guarantee that you won’t like what you’re about to read, but it is the truth. It turns out that at the age of 40 nowadays, you have to exercise even more and eat even less than you did, were you a 40-year old back in the 70s of the past century.

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This is according to a study published by the researchers at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Their goal was to find out whether there has been a change over the years in the relationship between amounts of exercise, consumption of carbs, protein and fat, and generally the calories consumed when it comes to obesity.

For those who are interested in reading the full study, here it is.

But don’t misunderstand us. What we are trying to do here is help raise awareness about just how much obesity can be bad for you. When it comes to challenges concerning weight, addressing the issues which lie at the core can be the most important thing to do.

Anyway, getting back to the aforementioned research, what they did was evaluate the data from the eating habits of about 40.000 Americans going back as far as 1971 and ending in 2008.

They also made sure to evaluate the data from the exercise routines of about 15.000 Americans between the years 1998 and 2006.

What they found was not exactly good news. It turns out that, when the three factors are identical, a person in, say, 2006 would still have a higher BMI than that of an individual from about eight years prior to2006. About 10% higher, to be more precise.

In other words, this indicates that someone who eats the same amount of fat and protein, as well as the same amount of calories in general while doing the same exercise quantity, they would still be heavier than a person who did the exact same things back in 1998.

Of course, we are referring to two individuals of the same age.

So that is that. But what’s more, there may be a reason to think that there are other factors, besides dieting and exercising, which can contribute to obesity becoming even more common.

More Than Just Calories

  • The researchers from York University, in one of their press releases, added that managing one’s weight is far more complicated than one might initially think.
  • And according to Professor Jennifer Kuk, who is the lead researcher and author of the very same study,  it is a lot more complicated than the simple equation of ‘energy in’ vs. ‘energy out’.
  • Think of it in another way, that would be like you saying your investment account balance is just your deposits which subtract your withdrawals, not taking into account all of the other matters that have an effect on your balance, like, say, bank fees, currency exchange rates or stock market fluctuations.
  • This is an example given in the field of economics, but the one we are discussing concerns your health.
  • But let us finally number a few reasons other than the two we mentioned. According to Professor Kuk, our weight is influenced by the way we live our life and the choices we make, as well as factors which come from the environment.
  • Furthermore, they are the reasons for why it is so hard for us to maintain a healthy body and weight nowadays.
  • And since these past few decades have reported an increase in obesity, whether it is in developing or developed countries, it is more than clear why studies like these are so important in this day and age.
  • Even though Professor Kuk and her colleagues, while conducting this study, did not come to any conclusions which can be considered 100% certain, they made a few suggestions on exactly which factors we should pay closer attention to.

Prescribed Pharmacy Drugs

  • The new factors which might very well be adding to the obesity problem are higher maternal age, increases in prescriptions and pharmacy drugs, especially ones connected to gaining weight, a decrease in changes in temperature in the ambient, low levels of calcium and not enough sleep.
  • All of these may indeed be the cause, and many other studies seem to point towards the same results.
  • As an added information, according to experts on the subject, 25% of those who consume antidepressants can expect to gain an additional 10 pounds than those who don’t.
  • But it’s not like the fact that prescribed drugs can lead to excess weight (as well as other side effects) is anything new.
  • But it’s frightening to note that there is a 21st-century epidemic which revolves around dying from the use of such medication. In fact, as staggering as it sounds, prescribed drugs can actually kill more people than those obtained illegally.
  • And then there’s the blow of the fact that governments from all around the world present them as ‘entirely safe’.
  • A report published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine back in June 2010 stated that out of 62 million deaths, about one-quarter of a million was said to have transpired because of errors involving medication in hospitals.
  • In fact, about ½ million of events related to medication mistakes occur in the States each year.

Not As ‘Harmless’ As They Want You To Think

  • To show you a recent example of this: there’s an independent review which discovered that Paxil, which is a rather frequent antidepressant prescription drug, is not as safe for teenagers as so many other sources may have formerly recommended.
  • Back ion 2001, at the drug trial which took place at that time, it was completely approved and labeled as harmless.
  • This drug trial was funded by GlaxoSmithKline, and it was ‘scientifically proven’ to be suitable for teenagers.
  • But prescribed drugs are far from the safe image which markets would like you to accept. And what’s even more tragic, most doctors will simply wave off the idea of trying alternative medicine. Not to mention there needs to be more studies on those alternative options.




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