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Pilonidal cyst forms along the tailbone and looks like a sac. It appears near the left of the buttocks and above the anus. It consists of waste matter of the skin and hair. The ingrown hair irritates the skin and causes inflammation and creation of a carbuncle or cyst.

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The pilonidal cyst can occur because of the excessive and continuous pressure on the sacrococcygeal area. Also, it can make worse an already existing cyst.

These pilonidal cysts appear more frequently and are more common in men than in women. They occur between the ages of 16-25 years. The main symptoms are fever, pain in the lower spine, redness and tenderness over the lower spine and drainage of pus from the opening in the skin.

There are remedies that can help treat these cysts at home, instead of having a surgery or other medical help.

Home Remedies for Treating Pilonidal Cysts

Warm Bath

  • The warm bath can help you a lot if you are suffering from a pilonidal cyst. It can decrease the symptoms related to the pilonidal cyst. Sit in a warm bath and the pain from the pilonidal cyst will be reduced. Also, it will avoid reappearing of pilonidal cyst in the future. Do this regularly.


  • You can add turmeric to your food. It will provide relief from the infections triggered by the pilonidal cyst. Also, this remedy is beneficial in treating many other diseases.
  • Mix turmeric and water till you get a paste. Apply the resulted paste over the affected area. Use this remedy three times every day.

Garlic and Epsom Salt

  • Garlic includes antioxidants that aid in fighting against the germs that cause the pilonidal cyst.




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