My Little Rituals For Beautiful Skin

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    Maximum 10 min It’s time to do these little Beauty rituals that are good for the skin as well as morally. Simple and effective actions that offer us a pause nothing to us, for us every day to feel beautiful and good.

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1.In the morning, I erase the traces of tired

    You have puffy eyes in the morning !? Pockets due to fatigue or lack of sleep !? Discover the reflex icicle, The fastest !? An icicle slipped into a washcloth or gauze bandage to be applied and under 5 minutes on each eye.

Result: the cold activates blood circulation and decongests the eye and dark circles.

If this is a chronic problem and that it has a little more time, it is advisable to prepare in advance of ice black tea, preferably unflavoured, for maximum efficiency. 

2.I take the time to apply my moisturizer 

    You offer every morning a good moisturizer to your face, That’s good, but to be truly effective, it is still necessary to apply it correctly … and wherever it is needed. Two minutes is enough.First tip: always proceed from the inside face outwards. Start with the outline of the mouth to ask a little cream to the corners of the lips and cheeks and up towards the temples by making small circles. Again starting from the upper lip. To the eye, from the inside by pulling the cream outward below and above the eye. Continue the front, always in small circles, then the chin.
Well then back to neck and neck.
Too often forgotten areas on which the marks of time thus tend to appear faster. In some gestures, this is our fresh face, relaxed, got rid of the last traces of sleep … 

3.Remove make to cleanse the skin 

    This is the first gesture of detoxifying the skin to perform morning and evening with gentle massage to boost microcirculation. We choose a product rich in active-polluting. For a deeper action, we can optimize this up removal using an electric cleaning brush, once or twice a week. The advantage of these brushes: they do not traumatize the skin because their hairs are soft silk. 

4.I take two minutes to cure my eyes 

    An Eye Contour care is not a luxury. Not only it can prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but it can especially bring comfort to an area of the face that is constantly solicited during the day.
Only takes a short minute: depositing a little cream with your fingertips by 4 or 5 points under each eye. Then the care we return stretch by practicing large circular movements from the bottom onto the arcade. Finish by patting slightly below eye fingertip to tone. Two gestures to start if you want to, so well relax that area. Morning and Evening and mitigate the signs of tired. 

5.Exfoliate with a scrub everything smoothly 

    To better reflect the light, the skin should be smooth without dander or dead skin, that make the irregular relief. Nothing like a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week. 

We choose either a scrub grained or an enzyme scrub [specially designed for sensitive skin] which will regularly loosen dead cells from the stratum corneum. 

6.I feed my skin deep 

    Once done peeling, place mask, Because our skin is then ready to absorb maximum care we lavish him. No need to provide a long timeframe, five minutes to truly nourish our skin where our day cream simply moisturize. Ideally, apply the care starting from the neck, stretching from top to bottom. Continue on the chin, cheeks, nose and end up front.
Do not hesitate to let him put the time thickly, then rinse the face with clean water. 

Use small sponges completely rid the skin of the last traces of care.
Want a natural anti-aging mask and anti-redness, Why not try a recipe home to the pink? In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of organic floral waters rose and the tablespoon of vegetable oil organic rose hip. Then add Two tablespoons of white clay before mixing again. And it only remains to apply it on the face, a generous layer, avoiding the eye area. This mask is ideal to leave on time for a bath, for example, but always ensuring that it is not dry.
For this a tip: Spray regularly with a little rose water.
Not only the skin does not trailer, but it will become more flexible and naturally brighter. 





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