The Importance Of A Positive Morning Routine

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1. Accept The Negativity

  • For most of us, getting rid of the thoughts and feelings that keep us that extra hour in bed can be the toughest part of our exercise routine. There’s a reason why veteran runners say putting on your sneakers is the hardest part of a run.
  • Instead, examine your thought process to discover the precise moment you decide to bail out of the entire run.
  • More importantly, you now know what changes you need to make so you can preempt that bail out moment entirely.

2. Do the Prep Work

  • This could be the bailout point for many of you. One of the most common excuses we tell ourselves is that we’re way too busy to squeeze in a workout routine in our week.
  • This is when executing the necessary prep work comes in. Before you go to bed, simply setup all your workout clothes, water bottles, and your pre-workout meal (be it a smoothie or a bulletproof coffee).
  • Boom! You’ve just eliminated the biggest excuse for working out early in the morning. More importantly, all this prep work only serves as additional motivation to get out of bed.
  • You can also get ready for the perfect sleep.

3. Join a Class or Group

  • If you really don’t like the stress of planning everything or feel that you’ve been getting too complacent with your own excuses, this is the tip for you. By joining a group, someone else is doing all the legwork, all you really need to do is just show up.
  • Best of all, you actually get to finally see a positive effect of peer pressure. Exercising with a group creates a unique bond that keeps you motivated to continue exercising and encouraging everyone’s progress.

4. You Need to Be Decisive

  • There’s a reason that Nike tag line is so powerful. It speaks the truth to all of us. Before you go to bed you need make a mental commitment to yourself to get things done. When you wake up early, you need to ignore that sleepy voice urging you to sleep an extra five minutes.
  • There’s no compromising here. Just do it.

5. Start a Behavioral Chain Reaction

  • The secret to building new habits is to make them an integral part of your daily routine. One trick I have is to imagine that I can’t move on to my next task unless I get my workout routine done.
  • You’ll gradually see how an early morning exercise routine becomes a regular part of your day that doesn’t require some monumental effort on your part to actually do.
  • Eventually, you’ll start seeing how this routine can drastically improve your overall quality of life.
  • You can also maximize your workout routine with these amazing tips.

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