Here’s How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Age!!!!

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There you are throwing heavy weights around the gym like Ronnie Coleman and you eat enough to keep a rugby team going but how about your sleep department?

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Healthy sleep is as important as diet, exercise and stress management. So how much sleep do you get?

So Just How Long Should You Sleep

  • Our body requires sleep in order to be able to perform optimally.
  • The amount of sleep depends on the person and it depends on your age.
  • Averagely, an adult should get 8 hours of sleep every night and children should sleep more while older adults should sleep less.
  • So to say, your age determines how much you need to sleep. The older you get, the lesser your sleep should be.

What Is Your Recommended Sleeping Hours?

  • A study performed in 2008 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found that more than a quarter of American adults were getting six hours of sleep a night or less, which is considered unhealthy.
  • The study went on to conclude that, nationwide, an estimated 50 to 70 million adults suffer from chronic sleep loss and sleep disorders.
  • “It′s important to better understand how sleep impacts people′s overall health and the need to take steps to improve the sufficiency of their sleep,” said Lela R. McKnight-Eily, Ph.D., the study′s lead author and a behavioral scientist in CDC′s Division of Adult and Community Health.
  • The study recommends 7-9 hours of sleep a night for adults, time enough to allow your body to cycle through all the different stages of sleep, giving you maximum recovery and rest. Also, the national sleep foundation pieces of advice people on how much sleep is really recommended for each person according to their age and this is seen in the chart designed by their team of scientists from various scientific fields including; pediatrics, physiology, neurology, gynecology and sleep anatomy.

Symptoms of Bad Sleeping Habits

Persistent Back Pain

  • Bad sleeping habit is one of the so many causes of persistent back pain.
  • The discomfort it brings is always unbearable and lowers the quality of a person’s health.

Weight Issues

  • Too much sleep can end up building up unnecessary energy inside which leads to weight gain.
  • So when your body is fully rested, do not force it to sleep longer.

Anxiety & Depression

  • Excessive sleeping can result in lethargy and depression.
  • People who are depressed or anxious are found to have unhealthy sleeping habits and in turn, it tells on their emotion and mental health.

Persistent Headaches

  • When the body is deprived of enough sleep, it ends in persistent headaches.
  • Also, neurotransmitters can be destroyed by too much sleep which could also result in headaches.

Type II Diabetes

  • A person suffering from lack of sleep is prone to damaged glucose processing of the body.
  • When glucose processing is damaged, the body ends up with higher risks of insulin resistance also known as type two diabetes.
  • Those with bad sleeping habits have higher chances of impaired tolerance to glucose compared to people with good sleeping habits.

Cardiovascular Condition

  • Just like the sleeping process, the heart has the same process.
  • Healthy sleeping habit will guarantee you healthy cardiovascular system and a bad sleeping habit leaves you prone to a bad cardiovascular system.
  • A good heart is a result of a good sleep.


  • Bad sleeping habits leave a person in the hands of various diseases and ailments.
  • When a person is obese, has a bad heart and diagnosed with diabetes that can be so fatal.



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