check of this Simple steps to relieve headaches

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    The headaches occur anywhere and there is not always the right drug into oneself. To relieve a migraine, each has its little tricks and miracle cures.

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As we know, headaches or passengers can simply turn into a violent headache. Most of the time, people prone to Migraines have repeated treatment prescribed by their doctor, but this is not always the case. They also more simply, their tricks and magic gestures that help to overcome crises. We asked them to give us their home remedies.


 Caffeine, the major ally to relieve a migraine 

    The first signs of headaches, many migraineurs who throw themselves on a great cup of coffee “very very tight, almost coffee grounds!” Said, Benjamin. Others prefer to drink a large glass of Coke. Indeed, it is the caffeine in these drinks, which relieves a migraine, upon constriction of blood vessels in the brain. Thus, pain is less intense and migraine is shorter. However, do not expect that migraine is installed but have a cup of coffee when you feel a little bad. If you do drink no coffee or coke, the trick Sophie you may seduce: it is preparing a large glass of lemonade home with fresh lemon, a little sugar, and ice water. 


 The essential oil of peppermint or tiger balm on the temples

    Here are two quick fixes you should still fit in your handbag. We find the Tiger Balm, an ointment containing camphor and menthol in organic shops, and the essential oil of peppermint in the form of roll-on in pharmacies. For Anne, the effect is direct. Margot, meanwhile, tabled a few drops of essential oil on a sugar at the beginning of the crisis. You can use Tiger Balm in the same way, on the temples, involving a light massage. Laetitia advocates the essential oil of lavender.

Feeling cold on the eyes and forehead 

    Some will have a preference for a very warm feeling, but most migraine sufferers prefer to apply a cold water glove on their forehead and eyes. Laetitia slips even an ice pack on his pillow to keep your head cool. If you do not have gloves or gel pack  [ also very effective ] available, a wipe or a damp towel will do, especially if you have the opportunity to sit quietly for a moment. The must Masks that look like glasses and kept in the freezer, to be applied to the eyes to soothe a migraine. 


A pressure point on the hands to ease pain 

    This is the secret that can be taken anywhere and does not require anything other than a benevolent soul who agrees to provide you this care. There is a pressure point between thumb and forefinger, which relieves a migraine. You have to press and stimulate the muscle located here, connected to the brain, to alleviate headaches. Best to get a massage by a third party, but you can also try the self-massage. 

 Sitting in the dark, Anti-Migraine weapon

    It’s a radical solution, the one we can not escape when a migraine is installed: sleep in the dark. Jeanne adds that it is important to find a very dark place, without noise or smells  [ because of sickness ]. Unfortunately, it is not always in a place where you can sleep, it is necessary to take a break, quiet. Pull fresh air and walk for a few minutes, turn off the computer, the TV and away from your phone. Take deep breaths to overcome recession.
If migraines are frequent, consult your doctor.




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