If You Can’t Lose Weight, Follow These 4 Steps Immediately To Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones!!!!

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Women who suffer from depression, fatty liver, high cholesterol level, pre-diabetes and gallbladder problems may struggle to lose weight and stay healthy.

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Unexplained weight gain has been linked to hormonal imbalances. As women grow older, they are more likely to experience this problem.

Why Hormones Need To Be Reset 

  • Each hormone in our bodies is a key which needs to turn a lock to be able to do its work. The “locks” are actually receptor sites. Various inflammations can affect the receptors and that is why some hormones may become ineffective.
  • Some of the hidden reasons why the receptor sites are ineffective are:
  • “ Brain Drain” from wheat, rye, barley, and corn-based products (which are usually genetically modified, to add insult to injury)
  • Constant exposure to xenoestrogens (estrogen mimics) in our diet, environment, and even our personal care products
  • Meat, dairy, and eggs from animals treated with growth hormones
  • Sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake (coffee, black tea, green tea, and white tea)
  • High fructose intake (even from natural foods like unsweetened applesauce and tomatoes)
  • Stress, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and sleep deprivation

Give Yourself A Personal Hormone Tune-Up 

  • Making some easy changes in your every day recurring can definitely help preserve hormonal balance, permitting you to take charge of your weight and health.
  • Read on to find out about critical hormones in ladies our bodies that ought to be balanced to be wholesome and feel properly.



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