How You Can Lighten Dark Spots On Hands!!

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With age, opportunities, hands can begin to stain, it is also possible that too much sun is another factor that influences their appearance, whatever the reason, this makes them look aged hands, that is why we will give our secret to clear spots on the hands and make them look stunning.

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Rinse stains hands, it is possible with home remedies and natural solutions to mitigate further stains will provide other benefits to our skin, making them look more healthy and radiant, without expensive treatments that kill your budget.

Rinse Stains Hands Naturally With Home Remedies

  • With the many factors that can affect the skin of our hands, staining them and drying them, it is important to know what home remedies can be used to lighten dark spots on hand.
  • Definitely, home remedies are an excellent alternative to clear spots on the hands, here mention some elements of nature that will help you:

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Use apple cider vinegar, mixed with a moisturizer, home expediently, and performs message about twelve or fifteen minutes, apply every night and leave it on while you sleep, this mixture will bring into your hands its color and natural shine, significantly attenuated stains.

Aloe Vera

  • We talked about all the properties, which provides aloe vera to the skin and one of them is to clarify stains hands, use the gel of this plant, applied directly to your hands, making circular movements, then let stand for minutes while your hands enjoy its benefits and then removed with water.

Lemon Juice

  • Lemon is one of the most generous fruit with our body, believe it or not, lemon can help reduce these stains on your hands, because of thanks to its whitening power, allows you to restore the natural tone of your hands. Use it on your hands at night because if you expose to the sun, with lemon juice, can worsen the situation and get dirty more.


  • Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in removing stains, however, there are very sensitive, for which you can get to be irritating, so if your skin is very sensitive, do not try to use this remedy. If you feel that your skin is tougher, only hydrogen peroxide placed in your hands and let stand for a few hours.

Castor Oil

  • Besides having great healing properties, castor oil will help to significantly reduce stains you may have in your hands, you can combine it with coconut oil, almond oil and/or vitamin E.
  • To use it you just have to moisten a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the affected area, massaging gently and let stand for a few hours, then wash your hands, you do this every morning and night and see how your skin is improving gradually.
  • Keep in mind also have a diet rich in potassium, protect from sunlight and take plenty of water, this will make your skin be healthy and can prevent the occurrence of new spots in your hands.




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