8 tips that can make you beautiful awakening

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In cosmetics, what matters most is consistency! Apart from it, no salvation. To be beautiful on awakening, as well say right away, there are the essentials: sleep reasonable hours and not to make excess (cigarette and alcohol are particularly in the viewfinder). Beyond this evidence, there are gestures and small rituals that give the little push each needs every day.

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1.The teeth that’s important

    To be nice to wake also involves white teeth and fresh breath. Teeth are a sensitive area, it is better still to avoid doing anything. We can still sprinkle his brush soda tooth to gain a little shade. Finally, for breath, a little trick that can help: you rub a drop of essential oil of peppermint on his breath. The palate is fresh and purified.

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2.The golden rule: sleep the number of hours to ourselves and to bed before midnight

    New-Skin: if we want to look good, we must start by winning his bed not too late. A sleep before midnight is felt immediately on a face. So at eleven, we said goodbye to everyone and we jump in bed before midnight.

    Agnes: sleep a sufficient number of hours for yourself, here are the most important. When you wake up with a dirty head is kept the whole a day, think about it! The morning is the time when we are supposed to be at our best form (and our mine), then better get enough sleep.

3.Remove makeup, whatever happens

    New-Skin: the gesture that saves even when one has bothered even when we fall from fatigue, is very simple: you never forget to remove makeup.

     Agnes: tips and tricks there is little that change a paper make dyed peach skin … Good reflexes, better not to have it. The first then? Remove makeup carefully every night, skin, eyes, including also when you are not wearing makeup. It, therefore, applies on its face a milk, a lotion or a micellar water eventually.

4.A rich cream or lotion for the night

    New-Skin: before letting himself fall gently into the arms of Morpheus, is applied on her face (for all skin types) a nourishing, a vegetable butter or vegetable oil to nourish the skin in depth. Too bad if the skin is shining a bit, this is the advantage of the night! We do not forget the lips in passing. Sleep is THE time the skin is reformed. She works all day but even at night. It thus represents a good way to get up with a skin plumped and elastic.

    Agnes: if one fears the effect too nourishing, apply a cream for your skin type for the night. Rather fluid when you have oily skin or a rich cream for those with dry skin. If one is rinsed with water, applying a tonic or a floral lotion to remove limescale. And we do not forget: we now work to skin that will in ten years.


5.Tame her hair for the night can be useful

    to have well-placed hair on awakening, as the hair dries on contact pillows, it is best to tie them. Some protective headgear will prevent chafing, such as braided or twisted bun (we take the length of hair is wound on itself). If you prefer not to tie them, sleeping on silk pillows, silk cotton or satin (less expensive than silk). The hair is less damaged on the slippery tissue.

6.How to care for lips?

    balm can be applied to his lips at bedtime balm with vegetable oils avoids, however, products containing liquid paraffin.

The occlusive effect prevents dehydration … but it’s just an impression.

Vegetable oils have better nourishing power on the lips.

There are also beeswax salves or shea butter, very effective.

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7.Concealer Action

    New-Skin: For dark circles, a drop of vegetable oil Callophyla applied under the eye massage will help them fade a little. To fight against swollen eyes, the Aloe Vera gel will he, a lifting effect. therefore it is applied first and ends with the oil.

    Agnes: To avoid puffy eyes, you can also leverage the power of masks: a fresh gel mask that is placed in the refrigerator can help deflate eyes. It refreshes and it rests. It can also lie either with a burst mask that keeps all night or even put a glowing mask taking her coffee.

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8.And the last resort?

    If we really look bad to the point of not being sortable, there are fortunately vegetable oil Buriti. A little stronger in color than the carrot, it diluted as a few drops of the day cream, a coloring power that will give instant healthy glow. If one’s skin rather dull, we can also apply it directly to the skin. If one has not slept the night before, so the trick that saves

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